Evaluation of speech and language skills for children (age 3 and above) and adults, and providing ideas for goals and benchmarks.

   • Therapy that focuses on primary social and emotional concepts that prepare neuro-divergent      children and adults to feel safe to participate and succeed in groups and develop their relationships.

   • Awareness training in pragmatics, facilitating learning in what we can do with language, where and how to use language successfully, how to interpret communications intentions of others.

   • Therapy that facilitates language learning for children who need alternative input (ideas presented visually) to retain new ideas.

   • Regulating of speech characteristics, such as stress, intonation, and rhythm, to help the speaker feel more easily understood.

   • Intervention for Childhood Apraxia of Speech to develop motor-planning skills 

Phonological and Articulation remediation 

I provide a free consultation over the phone. If we agree to proceed from there, I come to your home to meet your child and other members of the family for a preliminary session, which is billed. Once we establish that I am a good fit with your child, we can schedule a regular visit time and date. I am also happy to refer you to another clinician who may be able to better accommodate your needs. 

Progress Notes are emailed once a month or as requested. I am an in-network provider with Regence and Anthem BCBS, Bridgespan, and Moda. I cannot accept OMP or Medicaid. Please see me about your insurance, I may be able to bill depending on out-of-network benefits. Please contact me directly for my private rate / fee. 

Parent training and consultation is also available for a private fee. After I have learned how to facilitate two way communication with your child, I provide training, strategies and insight to you to expand and improve your communication with your child.