My company, The Stronger Self, was named to express the important connection between our sense of self (emotions, preferences, passions, interests, etc) and our need for communication. As we communicate with ourself and others, our understanding of ourself expands. That expansion of self gives us more and more reasons for communicating with our self and others. Both self and communication work together to continue our development as life-long learners. 

I am a solo, independent clinician who believes that the most ideal place for children and their families to develop new ideas and take new steps is within the home environment. 

I received my Bachelors Degree in 2005 and my Masters in Speech and Hearing Sciences in 2008, both from Portland State University. I began my career in the public school setting, but quickly realized that a private practice would allow me the time and freedom focus on my passion for helping others in ways that produced satisfactory results. On my way to a private practice, I gained experience in a private clinic and in providing speech and language services via tele-therapy for several years.

Working as a therapist is an extremely fulfilling use of my time and efforts. When I am not working, I enjoy reading, practicing musical instruments, painting, and engaging in light animal husbandry.